BARK Social 2023

Just some of our clients

We’re not a tool, we’re a
full service agency

Research, tracking, communication – we handle the lot.
All you need to do is post your product and we’ll deal with the rest.

Our main social platforms


To showcase the brand and product,
Instagram will be our primary platform.


An excellent platform for engaging
a younger audience through short video content.

We’ve worked across
24 different countries

We love data

In the last year alone, we reviewed over 25 millions lines of data on behalf of our clients and we’re not slowing down. Every BARK client has, by far, the largest gifted influencer marketing network within their industry.

You own all
the relationships

Unlike other agencies, you own every relationship we build. We contact all influencers through a branded email and social account, so you own them forever.

In depth analytical

We keep track of every like, comment, save, share and view in order to produce a monthly report, detailing how our activity is increasing overall brand awareness and achieving a clear ROI.

Cheaper than traditional
social ads

We can prove statistically that our approach to gifted influencer
marketing is undeniably cheaper than traditional social ads.

Our average Cost-Per-View is just £0.005 and Cost-Per-Engagement is £0.15

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Managing Director

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