Bark’s Modern Guide to Writing Effective Online Product Descriptions

Giving a customer that final push in the direction of the ‘Add to Cart’ button will always be at the very heart of effective e-Commerce management. They may seem to be a small detail in the vast construction of a site, but a recent study has shown that 20% of purchase failures are down to confusion from customers because of obscure product details.

Powerful and resonant product descriptions, in more ways than one, are the core of persuading your customers to make that significant purchasing decision. To put it simply, good product copy is your best salesperson. At Bark, our consistently effective and compelling product descriptions are built upon three foundational elements: readability for buyers, product keywords and brand language.


Firstly, the different components of readability all point towards the same goal; a convincing, concise and authentic style of text that is directly appealing to customers. Copy that is seemingly written by a robot or obviously forceful will do no favours for your performance. In contrast, crafting a distinctive flow that is harmonious with your brand’s image is an essential step in the right direction.

With customers generally only reading about 12% of your page, conciseness and simplicity should not be ignored either. Successful product descriptions will balance an uncomplicated construction with a convincing tone. It’s difficult to quantify the importance of these practices, but it won’t be long before you see the benefits.

Product Keywords

Product keywords are an undeniable pillar of great product descriptions, but it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of cramming as many keywords as possible into your text and jeopardising your readability. After conducting your research, try and include three or four keywords within your description. Google’s algorithm has developed over the years to the point where it can detect what is called ‘Keyword Stuffing’ and prioritise well written copy. Try sliding in your keywords unobtrusively within your text and not only will you be successful in your SEO, but your product descriptions will flow more effectively anyway. Along with keywords, signposting is an added perk to well written product descriptions and can significantly boost your SEO, interactions and indexation. Without sacrificing quality, subtly urge your customers to leave reviews or engage on social media, all of which can offer even more original and engaging content.

Tone of Voice

Figuring out the ideal language for your brand can be a tricky hurdle to overcome. The importance of consistency when using this language cannot be understated, which means your customers can build up a general understanding and a sense of familiarity with your products. Re-look at your previous content, constantly try to streamline your language to align with the rest of your copy and extent and adapt it when necessary, all while removing useless duplicates (a bad look for your page and Google’s indexation). Whether you want to emphasise flavour, reassurance of quality or low prices, developing this tone may take a while to flourish, but the benefits will undoubtedly be huge.

All of these practices will boost you up the rankings and further away from the vast majority of companies that have outdated or misunderstood understandings of efficient SEO practices. The best methods surrounding effective product descriptions are constantly evolving alongside Google’s own algorithm, but the foundational importance of these steps will always be fundamental.

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