Bark’s Top 5 Tips to Help Your Instagram Business Account Flourish

For any business owner, diving head first into Instagram can feel like being flung into the depths of an ocean without learning how to swim. It seems simple, and can be, but without any idea of the foundational basics of community management, you’ll be treading water long after you’re all set up.

According to HootSuite, Instagram has managed to reach a massive 1 billion active users per month, with 500 million using the app every day (the population of the entire world is 7.8 billion!). If you haven’t got started with those kinds of numbers, do we still have to convince you? To help you cut your way through the gigantic Instagram jungle, we’ve conjured up some of our most useful tips to help you streamline your business account.

Hit the ground running with first impressions

We all know first impressions stick. It might not be pretty, but on Instagram it’s never been more important to spruce up and look fit for the party. With 200 million users visiting at least one business account a day, a consistent theme and an eye catching profile picture or friendly bio can make all the difference when convincing users to stay put on your profile.

Also, providing an appropriate link in your bio should be an imperative. This is the only place on your entire account that can lead your customers directly to the place you want them to be.

Harness your data effectively

Gathering relevant statistics in regards to your audience and knowing when you’re actually chipping away at the right wall is essential when harnessing the power Instagram can have on your brand. Starting a business account is a crucial first step and presents you with insights such as your demographics, engagement statistics and your impressions. Nailed it yesterday? Figure out what did and didn’t work and oil up your approach for next time.

Don’t clog your audience’s feed

Being interesting is a pretty obvious advantage in cyberspace, but tons of brands end up overloading their feeds with content to the point where it’s irritating and irrelevant. Don’t make this mistake – find the right, harmonious balance. The value, not the quantity, of your interactions is the priority. While it might be tempting to open the flood gates, you’ll be thanking us when you’re swimming in a lake of fruitful, appropriate and absorbing engagements.

Influencer Outreach

Remember when children dreamed of growing up to become Astronauts, exploring the depths of space? Not anymore; it’s recently been found that children in the UK would much prefer to become influencers. Whatever your opinions about it, there’s no sign of this trend slowing down. The hashtag ‘#ad’ is one the most popular hashtags on the app for a reason and is a vital aspect of the Instagram ecosystem. Make a list of bloggers or influencers who fit your demographic and approach them with offers to present your products to their audience. This can be extremely helpful when exposing your profile to a larger audience and will be a simpler, cheaper and more effective process than you might think.

Don’t tempted to buy followers

You can spot them from a mile off: rookie accounts with thousands of followers and 5 likes per post. This one seems obvious, but it’s a trap that way too many businesses get entangled in. Although it’s tempting at first, don’t waste your money on meaningless follower counts. Use your time trying to engage effectively and connect with your smaller but genuine audience. Of course, growth is one of the biggest pillars of community management, but buying followers is like building that pillar out of rotting wood.

Ultimately, the hunt for a special connection with your audience is the path that will lead your business to success. Instagram really is one of the behemoths of modern marketing, so, stay committed, patient and follow our tips to let your business account flourish.

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