Brand Builders: Repurposing Influencer Content for Instagram Success

Influencer collaborations on Instagram have become increasingly popular over the past few years, teaming up with accounts with many followers to promote products and services for various demographics to see. While this is nothing new, the ways companies utilise influencers have changed over time.

At Bark Social, we want to look at the trends involved with influencer content so companies can measure whether their approach is appropriate and how influencers can be repurposed in a dynamic online world.


How Businesses Use Influencers

When a business promotes their product or service online without an influencer, they’re limited to their own Instagram page and pays for sponsored posts that users will see when they scroll through their feed or view stories.

This can work but can limit the amount of new attention and potential customers your brand will see. To reach out to a higher volume of people, businesses should create a partnership with influencers so your brand is visible on more corners of Instagram. People are buying products promoted by influencers on a greater scale than ever before.

The agreement would be that if you either pay a certain amount of money to the influencer or offer them free products, they will promote your brand on their account. Generally, in influencer marketing, the more followers that influencer has, the more money or free goods they could command from companies.

Influencers will either give their account of how highly they rate the product, by trying it on, tasting it, or using it, for example, and rate the product first-hand, or seamlessly fit it into one of their usual posts or videos for subtlety.


How to Repurpose Influencers for Your Brand

While influencers can put your product on their page, you can also add content including the influencers on your company page. This diversifies the type of posts you use, so instead of swamping someone’s timeline with all products from your account, mix it up with influencers using or reviewing the product.

Instagram Stories have been around for 8 years and are a great way to post quick promotional content that can include links and video graphics, for instance. They have a limited time that they’ll remain on your page, however, but you can save them in a Highlights file on your page so if anybody misses your Stories, they have the chance to go back over them. You might choose to organise them by influencer, season, product, colour etc.

We all know how visible and important influencers are in the minds of some people so, as long as you’ve aligned your brand with the right influencer who fits your business model and doesn’t cause controversy, a published review from them on your website or as an Instagram post goes a long way to reminding visitors that celebrities use your brand too.


Collaboration and Online Shopping

By using the joint post feature, which allows a business and an influencer to share a post and add it to both of their accounts, your visibility should be increased, and get more likes, thus helping you algorithmically to stay transparent online to potentially more users.

Although not every company uses the Instagram Shops function, it’s a useful idea to feature the influencers you partner with on your Instagram Shops account if you do use it. When a user sees their favourite influencer as soon as they shop for your product, it builds greater trust and reliability in their minds and an overall better perception of your brand.


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