888 Vapes

Over 4 months working with 888 Vapour...


gifted collaborations

Large scale content creation


total stories audience


888 Vapour is an online vape shop with a variety of different vape liquids for those who are looking to quit smoking. They wanted new audiences to discover their shop that could lead to a lifestyle change for those who may have not known there was such a variety of vape accessories to choose from. This was also a convenient super shop for a variety of brands and accessories all in one place that experienced vapers could use as well.


Bark created a list of influencers that aligned with the demographics that 888 Vapours outlined and allowed 888 Vapours to review them themselves. This allowed the client to have more control over the people associated with the brand. The content created by the influencers ended up being very on brand and there were many posts made with 552 instagram posts live with 49 thousand engagements and 936 thousand views.


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