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Arena Racing Company ran many different racecourses and racing events but they wanted more eyes on their new Racing League event that had a brand new regional team format and league scoring system to horse racing. They felt that Racing League was something that could be introduced to a whole new audience besides the traditional horse racing audience, attracting sports fans and those wanting some fun on late summer days. They needed to increase awareness of this event so these audiences found them.


They gave away free tickets along with merchandise and drinks to influencers who would come to the Racing League events across the UK along with a code for their followers to get 10% off their tickets were they to buy. Bark Social used a vast network of influencers based in the locations of the racecourses which were in Doncaster, Lingfield, Windsor, Newcastle, and Southwell.

By mass contacting these influencers, we got 55 agreed influencers that had a total potential audience of over 1.9 million. Because of the content opportunity this event gave them, the influencers would often post a plethora of stories and posts that had a combined estimated view of 264 thousand.


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