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Bath & Body Works is an iconic brand that has been widely established within the United States for years. Recently, the brand has made significant strides in expanding its global reach, including its presence in Australia. In March 2023, the brand marked a remarkable milestone with the launch of their new Melbourne Central store, and sought to amplify awareness of this new venture. It was then that Bath & Body Works turned to Bark Social, recognizing our expertise in influencer marketing and our ability to effectively connect with audiences.


Bark Social organised for influencers to attend the official launch of the new Melbourne Central store, aimed at increasing awareness of the wide array of products available. To accomplish this, we invited an exclusive group of influential individuals within the relevant space to attend the launch and share their experience on Instagram and TikTok.

As a token of appreciation for their participation, the influencers were gifted with vouchers to spend on the Bath & Body Works products during their visit, which they created compelling content about both in-store and at home. A total of 24 influencers graced the event, and their combined potential audience on both social media platforms amounted to an impressive 1,356,197.


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