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Bayview International Hotels and Resorts, a distinguished hospitality brand with a global presence, sought to elevate their marketing strategy by harnessing the power of influencer marketing to showcase two of their exquisite Australian properties: The Bayview Geographe Resort and the Sydney Boulevard Hotel. These two hotels offer distinct experiences, catering to different clienteles. The Bayview Geographe Resort offers an idyllic seaside retreat, while the Sydney Boulevard Hotel provides a luxurious urban escape.


The influencers partnered with the Sydney Boulevard Hotel shared a collective total of 12 captivating posts and 36 engaging stories, captivating a vast and attentive audience. Similarly, influencers associated with the Bayview Geographe Resort contributed with 8 visually appealing posts and a remarkable 65 captivating stories. Together, their efforts translated into an impressive combined audience reach of 3,103,771 individuals.

This strategic influencer marketing campaign not only showcased the unique offerings of these two outstanding hotels but also demonstrated the prowess of Bayview International Hotels and Resorts in curating unforgettable experiences for their guests.


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