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The power of outreach in digital marketing should come as news to nobody. Outreach is a simple but effective marketing tactic. People are hard-wired to trust human-to-human product recommendations, especially over traditional adverts and paid PR activity. This is well proven in the fashion industry, for example.

As the West End’s authorised ticketing outlet, Official London Theatre were looking for greater visibility amongst prospective customers – especially amongst users outside the traditional theatregoer mold.


Bark set out drawing up a full-scale outreach campaign for Official London Theatre. To remain agile and flexible, the campaign would focus on one show at a time. This would give Official London Theatre a ‘package’ to offer to productions: ‘If you’ve got a quiet night coming up in a few weeks, we’d love to invite twenty influencers down to cover it on their channels!’

Influencers were picked according to a series of models: Cost per Engagement, Cost per View, etc. This way, we could guarantee a numerical return on the activity – be it on Instagram or YouTube. This activity would therefore be incredibly cost-effective, comparable with any other form of paid digital activity. In return for the pair of free tickets, influencers were instructed to cover the show in whatever manner they saw fit – as long as they tagged/linked to Official London Theatre, as well as the play’s channels/site. Everybody wins!


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