Creating a brand identity

Over 3 months working with Budvar...


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Budvar is one of the world’s most recognisable craft beer brands but had a problem with mistaken identity with the American Budweiser. They wanted to establish themselves as a Czech beer for adventure loving travellers and foodies as opposed to just the niche beer community.


In order to create a strong brand identity, Bark created a list of highly specific influencers that all fit the image that was wanted by Budvar. By only choosing those influencers that had the image that was being pushed by Budvar for their brand, this established a very strong identity for the beer. Along with the beer, the influencers were gifted a glass and instructions to make Czech beer cheese which led to a very successful campaign in which influencers were not only sharing the beer but also aspects of Czech pub culture with their travel loving audience. These influencers created 115 stories with more than 385 thousand views.


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