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Carabao is one of the leading UK energy drink brands, creating a large name for themselves not only in their industry but also within sports. Their products are prided upon their light, sparkling flavours and low sugar content which makes them a strong contender within their market. Despite this Carabao were struggling upon their social platforms with getting high quality user generated content and reviews that could promote them to wider audiences.


Carabao approached Bark Social with the mission to boost their online presence in a campaign utilising high quality influencers that we believed suited their brands ideology. Our selection of influencers were built up utilising a range of tactics including competitor analysis and interest-based targeting.

Using these tactics allowed Bark to break the influencers down into a variety of different market sectors including sporting fanatics, gym goers as well as influencers that already supported the brand. Within the 1 month campaign 62 influencers went live with content which included 12 posts and 93 stories.


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