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Chi Chi were suffering from dwindling organic traffic after a complicated site platform change/relaunch alongside COVID’s impact on the sector. In addition, the site had very low levels of interaction and engagement on its social media channel (namely Instagram).


Bark were brought in to draw up a large scale outreach project to drive more visitors to the IG channel, generate masses of high quality UGC and provide regular social signals (to help organic performance)!

Initially, we trialled a smaller amount of products to iron out the process and prove the value of the activity to the internal team. Following that, we did a targeted outreach campaign around the Bridesmaid Dress category. Bridesmaid dresses are a key component in Chi Chi’s catalogue and their organic presence for the key terms in the space was underwhelming.

Following the success of this campaign, we worked on a twelve-month outreach calendar targeting a range of categories every month. The aim was to build momentum ahead of the categories’ key periods. Over 700 products are being sent out every month as part of this activity.