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Complete Me is an award-winning nutritional supplement brand with a range of all-natural products. Their collection covers a wide range of lifestyle and mental needs including energising supplements, supplements designed for people who struggle with sleep as well products designed to naturally boost skin glow.

The brand was struggling to broaden their brand awareness amongst their key demographics. Due to the nature of the space, real user testimony is invaluable and something the team at Complete Me wanted to explore more in their marketing.


Bark was brought in to organise and deliver a targeted micro-influencer campaign for Complete Me. Instagram was picked as the primary platform as it was the best fit with the target audience and would provide the best ROI for the business.

Both bloggers and YouTube content creators were approached as secondary, supporting resources. The influencers were targeted in waves specifically being offered a set product from the range.

This approach allowed the influencers to have a combined impact as highly relevant target users were being hit by different influencers in the space with the Complete Me brand. The campaign lasted three months in total.


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