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Coravin was an innovative device and they knew they had a very eager audience in Europe but they needed to reach them.

The wine community on instagram is very tight knit and it reaches many wine lovers and they knew if these influencers and creators were to try their Coravin device designed to keep wine fresh and unopened, there would be massive amounts of interest surrounding their product.

They had a specific consumer in mind as well, a luxury consumer, and engaging in influencer marketing would reach these corners.


Bark Social reached out to influencers throughout Europe focusing on France, the UK, and Italy. These influencers had a very specific image that matched Coravin’s ideal consumer and image they were trying to achieve. The influencers were all introduced to the Coravin and all their features and all the content produced was strongly on brand and had great engagement as it was in line with both audiences.

There were 62 influencers agreed and 17 posts were made with a total of 9,593 post engagements making a splash in the wine space.


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