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DNA VR stands at the forefront of virtual reality entertainment, boasting cutting-edge VR Arcades and Escape Rooms across three vibrant locations in London and one in Manchester. Eager to elevate their presence on social media, particularly through influencer engagement, DNA VR sought to intensify the frequency of influencer visits, recognizing the pivotal role this played in enhancing their brand awareness.


Bark Social took over to orchestrate and enhance the influencer engagement and visitation experience. Bark Social engaged with experienced influencers in the dynamic cities of London and Manchester, urging them to immerse themselves in the unparalleled experience that DNA VR had to offer. A total of 83 influencers graced the VR wonderland, crafting 54 immersive posts and 97 stories. The influencers not only relished their time at DNA VR but also ardently shared their electrifying experiences with their followers, creating a ripple effect of enthusiasm among those seeking exciting endeavours in their respective cities. This collaboration seamlessly transformed influencer visits into a vibrant showcase of DNA VR, resonating with a broad audience and establishing the brand as a top-tier destination for those in pursuit of unique and thrilling experiences.


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