Emperor Vodka

Over 3 months working with Emperor Vodka...


total audience reach

Cultivating a brand


gifted collaborations


Emperor Vodka, although being distilled in one of Europe’s oldest distilleries, wanted to create a brand image aided by influencer marketing. They wanted to be a high class vodka and be associated with luxury. They knew if they got in the hands of influencers that could introduce their audience to this vodka.


Bark created an influencer campaign of creators of different sizes but all focused on lifestyle. Although they wanted a luxury feel from their creators, there was also an emphasis on relatability so that it could reach a young contemporary audience.

Using a content brief, we were able to guide influencers into the correct brand messaging that Emperor Vodka was going for but also allowing the influencers to do what they do best which is create content. This led to 17 instagram posts with 3,466 engagements.


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