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Nilam Holmes, affectionately known as ‘Eyebrow Queen’ decided to take on the beauty industry with her own brand of eyebrow products. Eyebrow Queen had an established following online and had recognition among the professional makeup artist space.

They wanted to build on this already existing base of support and reach more people like their audience who wanted to be part of the Eyebrow Queen community. They also wanted to expose the community to lesser known products and reach others who may not have been exposed to these products otherwise.


Bark built on this community. Supporting the Eyebrow Queen’s already existing community, they reached out to smaller makeup artists and beauty related micro influencers to showcase their brand and collection even further in authentic ways for the average makeup user.

At the beginning, only the most popular products were gifted to influencers but this had such a rate of success in terms of engagement and quality of content, the entire range of products was opened to these high performing influencers to create both video and photo content showcasing the products.

This led to a total potential audience of over 9 million with 323 gifting collaborations, proliferating the products in the makeup space.