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FarmVet, an esteemed American veterinary pharmaceutical company specialising in products for horses and dogs, sought to amplify their online presence and showcase their offerings available for purchase nationwide via their website. While their travelling store had garnered significant success within the horse show circuit, they recognized the need to broaden their reach and engage with influencers to promote their products.


Enter Bark Social. Leveraging extensive data analysis of similar brands within the equestrian realm, we meticulously identified every relevant equestrian influencer across the United States. With a tailored approach, we engaged over 100 influencers, ultimately securing agreements with 41 individuals perfectly aligned with FarmVet’s objectives.

The collaboration yielded remarkable results. A total of 47 Instagram posts and 42 stories went live, accumulating an impressive estimated total of over 1.8 million views. This concerted effort not only maximised FarmVet’s reach but also generated substantial content showcasing their products to a vast audience.


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