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Fenella Smith was a small, independent British brand with a diverse audience with products for men, women, and pets. They had very little experience working with influencers before but wanted to reach out to them to promote particular products.

They wanted to showcase their collections on a larger scale especially those that were on trend and able to get a lot of movement on their website and stores. They believed that there would be a great opportunity to engage an online community through influencer marketing.


Once Fenella Smith identified the collection that they wanted Bark to promote, we were able to commence large scale outreach and because of how on trend and popular the products were, the pick up rate was high allowing us to contact less influencers and get more collaborations.

The collaborations also created content for Fenella Smith to use on their social channels. Through these collaborations, Fenella Smith saw an increase in followers and engagement especially when they reposted the content from the influencers.

With all the collaborations, there was a total potential audience of over 8.8 million and there were 127 instagram posts made with over 55 thousand post engagements.


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