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Breaking into the Australian Market


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Five Guys embarked on an exciting venture, launching new locations in Melbourne and Sydney, with the aim of not only enticing influencers to visit and promote these establishments but also introducing the globally renowned Five Guys brand to the Australian market.


Over the past year, Bark Social sent monthly invitations to four influencers, inviting them to experience the Five Guys offerings firsthand and share their enthusiasm with their audiences. With meticulous curation, we handpicked top-tier foodie accounts in Sydney and Melbourne to embark on this culinary journey.

The results were nothing short of outstanding. Through 46 collaborative efforts, we witnessed the creation of 62 captivating Instagram posts and 75 engaging Instagram stories, all posted with a remarkable 100% live rate from the influencers. These influencers were genuinely impressed by their Five Guys experience and adeptly conveyed their excitement to their followers, effectively amplifying the brand’s presence in the Australian market.


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