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Forcast is a modern Australian clothing brand with a focus on classic pieces and workwear. They wanted to feature their lookbooks that they created with their pieces and have real people showcase how they use these outfits in their everyday lives.

They wanted to showcase all the different circumstances one could wear their items. They also wanted to create a network of influencers that would be loyal to the brand and would continuously promote their products. 


Bark worked with Forcast for over 6 months and had a goal of finding microinfluencers to create content on a monthly basis with the lookbooks as guides. There were 227 influencers who were identified and agreed to the collaboration. As these influencers were added to the network, they felt a stronger connection to the brand as opposed to a one off gifting collaboration.

This led to a lot of high quality user generated content with excellent engagement as they were shared organically and continuously introduced to their audiences. There were almost 67 thousand engagements on the posts and 357 stories were shared.