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Over 11 months working with High Water...

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High Water had a hard seltzer in a saturated field with a unique vision for their brand. They wanted to connect their product to the ocean and days by the shore. They want people to look at High Water and be transported to idyllic scenes.

An excellent way to make this association is to get their product out there in these environments. They knew their product was the perfect fit for this demographic but they needed to have the product proliferated amongst those in that community in order to get the correct image of their product.


Bark created a micro-influencer campaign with a strong focus on the demographics of the influencers in order to strengthen this brand image. Targeting these influencers led to brand awareness among this community and targeting of their audience which includes others like them.

We strengthen the message by creating content briefs for the influencers. This then extended out to YouTube and blogs where these types of creators also post to increase the reach which has led to a total potential audience of 7,856,779. This also creates content for High Water to share on their social media that fits the image of the brand!