Over 14 months working with Homefire...


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Homefire was one of the biggest firewood companies in the UK but they wanted to expand their audience that may not have heard of them before. They also wanted quality user-generated content surrounding all the different ways you can use their products throughout the year.


Bark approached influencers with briefs of how they wanted the firewood portrayed with an emphasis on outdoor activities and barbecues in the summer and with an emphasis on the cosiness a fire roaring in the fireplace can be in the winter. Therefore, Bark targets food influencers in the summer and home/interior influencers in the winter. This has led to massive success with Homefire amongst influencers with all different types of influencers keen to try the firewood for themselves in these different settings. This has led to a potential audience of over 15 million with over 600 stories and 300 posts created, most of which has also been visually appealing as well.


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