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Honeysticks, an New Zealand children’s brand committed to sustainability and organic materials, sought to elevate their influencer marketing strategy. Their goal was to resonate with family influencers in New Zealand, individuals capable of not only introducing their products to a new audience but also generating user content that harmonised with the brand’s values.


Bark Social proactively engaged with these influencers, presenting a comprehensive brief for content creation. The outcome was outstanding: 29 influencers went live, contributing 28 posts and 47 stories that Honeysticks could seamlessly integrate into advertisements and their social feed. With influencers granting consent for image usage, this initiative yielded an impressive 103,000 estimated views and garnered over 6,000 engagements!

The collaborative effort not only expanded Honeysticks’ reach but also fostered authentic connections with their target audience, amplifying the impact of their promotional campaign.


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