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Over 3 months working with Kitchen Aid AUS...


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KitchenAid is an internationally renowned brand that can be found in an abundance of households globally. The brand wanted to engage influencers in Australia to help promote the various attachments available to the infamous KitchenAid Stand Mixer, through a series of campaigns designed at creating high quality user generated content, using the attachments.


Bark Social worked alongside KitchenAid to support their wider #MadeWithKitchenAid marketing campaign across Instagram. We approached a large number of higher end micro-influencers within the kitchen and recipe space to create content utilising their gifted products. We provided a brief, asking the creators to each post their own recipe, using the attachments as part of the process.

With a total of 70 agreed influencers and 242 pieces of content live, the activity achieved a total audience reach of over 12.8 million. This was an extremely successful result, with content creators posting high quality image and video content across their accounts, which KitchenAid was then able to re-share on their brand channel.


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