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Laki Kane, a renowned bar nestled in North London, boasts award-winning cocktails and tantalising Thai cuisine. Seeking to highlight their vibrant weekday events and inviting atmosphere, they recognized the power of influencer marketing in reaching their target audience via social media platforms.


Enter Bark Social. With our expertise, we identified the crème de la crème of London’s foodie influencers to extol the virtues of Laki Kane’s delectable fare and captivating ambiance. Through outreach efforts targeting 516 influencers, we successfully enticed 58 influencers to visit the establishment and share their experiences.

The results were nothing short of exceptional. A total of 103 pieces of content flooded social media channels, amassing an estimated 470,360 views and garnering 3,642 engagements. With a cumulative potential audience of 2,672,571, Laki Kane’s presence reverberated across digital platforms, captivating the attention of countless enthusiasts.


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