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Legology was founded by the award winning beauty journalist, Kate Shapland, Legology is a dedicated leg care brand, offering refined solutions that will make a real difference. Legology formulas promote the lymph, the body’s own cleansing system, to reduce the toxins and trapped fluid that impact on leg beauty and health. Despite the proven benefits of their products and luxurious aesthetic of the brand they were struggling to increase the awareness of the brand across social media.


Bark stepped in to help build a UK network of micro and nano influencers that matched the ethos of the brand. The influencers selected produced high quality content of them using the product and updating their followers on the benefits they’ve seen in the period of them using it. This allowed Legology to utilise this content to share across both their own stories and main feed whilst also raising awareness for the brand. Over the 7 month period with Legology we collaborated with 221 influencers and reached a total audience of 2,542,898.