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LoveStruck had the incredible idea of turning their smoothie stand at Borough Market into a meal prep business with frozen fruit, expanding their business to even more customers that they could have reached before. However, there was no brand awareness across the UK and then across the pond into the US when they expanded their shipping. They needed to get their product out to increase awareness among this group of consumers in a unique way that also speaks to their brands values that they pride themselves on. They are a BCorp business meaning they reached the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, something they wanted their consumers to know.


LoveStruck teamed up with Bark to create a micro influencer campaign across the UK and the US in order to bring awareness to their product among this demographic: Health conscious foodies. By gifting products to influencers and informing them of the societal benefits of shopping from a brand like LoveStruck, they were able to spread their message far with a potential audience of 7,866,720 people when the campaign was over. Now their relatively small company is being seen at a global level and their brand is associated with health and societal change.


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