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Luxico, a premier luxury villa rental service, is dedicated to curating exceptional experiences by connecting clients with stunning villas across Australia. To illustrate the seamless luxury of their service and the splendour of the villas in their portfolio, Luxico sought to collaborate with prominent Australian travel influencers.


Entrusted with this mission, Bark Social meticulously targeted and engaged with 90 influencers, selecting those who could authentically capture the essence of this extraordinary opportunity. The result was a dazzling showcase featuring 16 influencers who went live, sharing a total of 81 captivating stories and 23 visually stunning posts. The inherently remarkable nature of the Luxico experience naturally translated into breathtaking content.

The orchestrated effort achieved an outstanding post reach of 1,113,790, effectively introducing Luxico to a fresh and appreciative audience. This collaboration not only spotlighted the ease and opulence of Luxico’s villa rentals but also positioned the brand for continued success in captivating the imaginations of a broader demographic.


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