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Champagne Henriot engaged in the influencer marketing process to identify people in their own community of Instagram followers, who also hold a level of influence amongst their own audience, to try out and promote Henriot. They utilised the help of Bark Social to source and reach out to these micro influencers and send them product in exchange for a collaboration on their social platform.


Throughout the campaign. Bark reached out to total of 144 influencers, with 78 agreeing to the collaboration, showing how enthusiastic this community was to engage with Henriot. The influencers created 106 pieces of Instagram content which included 41 feed posts. The posts generated 9,907 likes and comments and 78,034 views, showing that 12.7% of the total estimated audience also engaged with the content created by this community. This is exceptionally high, around 6x higher than the average for social media accounts, proving this style of content was highly engaging to the relevant audience The total views of all the live content reached 161,392, which is 1,028% of the followers of the @champagnehenriot own instagram account.

Overall, this champagne campaign solidified Champagne Henriot’s place amongst existing and new audiences on instagram.


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