Melbourne Renegades


Over 2 months working with Melbourne Renegades...


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The Melbourne Renegades, a dynamic cricket team hailing from Melbourne, set their sights on expanding their social media presence and promoting key events, notably the School Holiday Program and match days for their women’s team.


To tap into diverse audiences, Bark Social initiated outreach to a staggering 1000 influencers, meticulously selecting 51 influencers tailored to both events. The strategy honed in on target demographics, such as families for the School Holiday Program, ensuring a resonance with specific audience interests. This precision resulted in a curated experience for those eager to explore cricket in Melbourne during these special occasions.

The influencers, having a fantastic day out, generated a buzz by sharing over 100 engaging pieces of content, accumulating an impressive 93,487 estimated views. This not only enriched the event experience but also amplified the Melbourne Renegades’ reach among audiences seeking to discover the excitement of cricket in the vibrant city of Melbourne.



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