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Misfits has a very strong brand image for their product and the British brand wanted to use influencer marketing to spread their strong branding to their expanded market in the United States. Misfits is a protein bar geared towards Gen Z from their bright branding to the vegan, gluten free bars.

This would fit in with many influencers in the United States branding as well, targeting fitness influencers. By targeting these influencers, the Misfits bar would be seen by audiences with the same values as the influencers. 


Bark Social targeted influencers with similar values to Misfits, an emphasis on veganism and fitness. The great thing about these influencers is that they were all eager to try the unique flavours of Misfits that many of them have never seen before in a protein bar.

This led to over 200 influencers agreeing to a collaboration and getting the Misfits bar to a new audience across the pond. This led to a total potential audience of over 7 million with over 300 stories live.