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Neubria is a vegan supplement brand trying to introduce supplements to a younger audience who would be interested in their health. These supplements had a focus on cognitive support that other supplement brands didn’t target.

They also had a wide range of products targeting different aspects of cognitive health and they wanted universal appeal. They wanted people who were interested in wellness but also had a passion for natural ingredients.


Bark created an outreach campaign for not only athletes and fitness enthusiasts but also other creators interested in the wellness space that would be able to introduce the product to new audiences. There was a review process with Bark going through the influencers for everyone who fit the audience Neubria was after.

After that, Neubria reviewed it a second time to be absolutely certain. This led to content being made that fit the brand imaging that Neubria was after and 105 influencer stories were posted with over 300 thousand views.


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