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Peppadew embarked on a journey to unveil the allure of sweet piquante peppers and harness the potential of influencer marketing for the promotion of this distinctive pepper and its array of products. The focal point was on engaging cooking influencers, aiming to explore innovative ways these peppers could be utilised in culinary creations.


Enter Bark Social, who initiated contact with over 2,000 influencers. This outreach resulted in an impressive 149 collaborations, yielding a total of 104 captivating pieces of content. The collective impact of this endeavor was remarkable, accumulating over 300,000 estimated views and reaching an extensive audience of 2 million. Notably, the influencers’ creations not only showcased the peppers in exciting recipes but also served as exceptional user-generated content, enriching the Peppadew social feeds with visually compelling and engaging material.


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