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Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group operates a variety of well known restaurants throughout Australia, Dubai, and London and were looking for a way to build large scale awareness of the unique businesses through influencer marketing, using influencers to represent the restaurants in an organic way that both reflects the brand but also the clientele.


Bark worked with Seagrass to promote eight of their venues: The Meat and Wine Co, 6HEAD, Italian Street Kitchen, Hunter & Barrel, Ribs & Burgers, Alma’s, Jeru and Five Guys, each with a different concept and audience profile. Using the range of target demographics, Bark was able to invite over 800 influencers within the relevant categories to dine at the restaurants and create content about their personal experience. With 909 posts and over 2,891 Stories shared live, the total audience reach for the activity exceeded 150 million. In addition, the quality of user generated content created by the influencers for Seagrass to re-share on the restaurant’s own social channels was invaluable.


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