Simone Perele

Over 3 months working with Simone Perele...


gifted collaborations

Expanding demographics


total audience reach


Simone Perele is a French lingerie label focusing on quality craftsmanship with on trend designs. Although their customer base was that client that focused on luxury items, they had created the new ‘Simone’ collection that had a younger female clientele in mind.

Their manifesto includes helping women feel confident so they can focus on their future goals and this was aligned with the younger client base that they wanted to focus on with this campaign.


Bark had a small-scale outreach activity for three months with 26 influencers and there was a focus on content creation. Simone Perele wanted the ‘Simone’ line to be promoted by young content creators who are the experts in what a young audience is looking for in terms of content for this audience.

These 26 influencers created 11 posts all showcasing the collection and their items of choice in different ways to appeal to this demographic. These posts got a total of 1039 engagements and over 20 thousand views.


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