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Sisu Clinic, a renowned global aesthetics provider with presence in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States, sought to enhance visibility for their UK offices, in Belfast and London. In their quest to attract more business to these locations, they recognized the power of influencer marketing but required assistance in both identifying suitable influencers and effectively engaging with them to leverage their audiences.


With meticulous research and analysis, Bark Social pinpointed over 700 influencers perfectly aligned with Sisu Clinic’s target demographic and brand ethos. By extending invitations for a complimentary treatment, we successfully incentivized influencers to collaborate and share their experiences with their audiences.

The results were exceptional. A total of 27 captivating Instagram reels were produced, garnering over 100,000 views collectively. The feedback from both influencers and their followers was overwhelmingly positive, with glowing endorsements underscoring the excellence of Sisu Clinic’s services. This strategic partnership not only heightened brand visibility but also reinforced Sisu Clinic’s reputation as a premier destination for aesthetic treatments.


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