Situ Live

Over 5 months working with Situ Live...


gifted collaborations

Increasing brand visibility


total audience reach


Situ Live was an innovative department store in London allowing companies to display test products in their space for consumers to trial. They wanted to bring more bodies to the site and bring attention to the different events and products they have on offer in their location.


Bark was able to create an influencer outreach campaign to not only bring more awareness around the space to many London influencers but also to bring their audiences to give their attention as well. Situ Live created different events every month to bring influencers into the space and be able to share their experiences on their posts and stories to bring awareness of the space. This was a success in bringing live coverage of the events with over 400 stories being created while the influencers were at the event. We also utilised an ambassador program to give the influencers more investment in the brand and create more content surrounding Situ Live.


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