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Sunshine Coast Turf Club engaged Bark to help find influencers to highlight and promote their Spring Racing Carnival, consisting of 7 events over the course of three months. They wanted to showcase how horse racing can be an activity for anyone and everyone to enjoy.


Bark had 42 influencers involved in the campaign with a total audience reach of over 5 million. These influencers received tickets to the racing events along with an experience package. Many of these influencers had never seen a live horse race before and this was their first experience at one. With the novel experience paired with the activity, the influencers shared content both in the lead up to, during and after the events. They also provided feedback for Sunshine Coast Turf Club about their experience and the overall activity. In total, 236 Stories and 66 posts were shared live, with 13 thousand engagements across the full campaign.