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Sweat It Out record label, an Australian dance music label, understands the power of TikTok influencer marketing and wanted to use the channel to promote their artist’s latest track – New Bottega by Torrent Foot ft. Azealia Banks. Aware of the power that TikTok has for generating views and engagement with new audio, the record label sought to use the platform as part of their promotional strategy to boost awareness of their latest release.


Bark worked with a set budget and executed a paid influencer campaign, offering influencers payment for using the track in a new piece of video content on their TikTok channel. We worked with 40 influencers across Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, generating 295,679 total video views and 25,630 engagements, helping establish the record label’s latest track in the minds of thousands of music enthusiasts worldwide!


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