Creating a space in a crowded industry

Over 8 months working with T-Juice...

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Vaping is an industry with limited options when it comes to making digital noise. Without traditional digital advertising methods, T-Juice wanted to explore new methods for raising brand awareness amongst its core audience. The other consideration with the vaping industry is the importance of advocacy. Vapers are often loyal to their brand of choice and often take a lot of direction from other vapers – word of mouth is key!


The Bark team set out drawing up an outreach strategy tailored for T-Juice. Hundreds of micro-influencers were collated via a range of strategies including analysing competitor Instagram profiles and geo-based research around specific vaping stores.

Bark worked with the T-Juice to draw up a calendar based on various product launches and range promotions. T-Juice were able to push the right e-liquids at the right time, coinciding with social/email marketing efforts.