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Ten Tops is a New South Wales based discount retail store, where nothing is over $10. Stocking products from homewares, groceries, tools, pet care, health and beauty, and much more. Being a small, family owned business, the brand had never engaged in any influencer activity before and were eager to see how much interest there would be in promoting the business model, as well as what kind of awareness it could generate.


Bark invited influencers to spend $100 at their local store to promote the business, their range of products and model. They wanted to see how many influencers we could find to visit the more remote store locations and build awareness for each of the individual stores, as well as the brand more broadly. We targeted mainly Mums, based around NSW who were eager to be one of the first to share about Ten Tops with their audience and saw a huge uptake on the invites as soon as the initial outreach began. The influencers posted a total of 237 pieces of content, with over 3 million estimated views and a potential total audience of 7.5 million. The brand experienced an increase of over 1000 organic followers to their own social channel, as well as a direct sales increase in their stores.


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