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Tisserand was already established in the UK with their line of aromatherapy oils that had been established in 1974. The focus of the awareness centred around the oils and Tisserand had a variety of products they wanted to expose to a larger audience.

The products included bathing supplies such as soaps and bath oils and skincare lines that go with their original lines of aromatherapy oils. They also wanted content that centred around their marketing calendar created by the influencers to use on their social media channels that was specific in topic.


Bark offered the diversified products to influencers to expose these different products to their audiences and show an expanded range. The influencer activity was also aligned with the marketing calendar to maximise the reach and content creation for Tisserand’s own use.

This also increased the amount of influencers agreeing to the collaboration as it was topical for their own content too. Through Bark’s communications with the influencers, we were able to create highly specific content based on the marketing calendar that would be relevant for Tisserand.

With 260 gifting collaborations there was a total audience of over 7 million seeing the variety of products that Tisserand had on offer.


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