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Towns of Italy embarked on an ambitious journey to increase their global brand presence with a Grand Tour of Italy. Offering truly immersive experiences in numerous iconic Italian cities, the objective was to captivate a largely international audience, with a primary focus on the United States. Despite their determination, the challenge of identifying macro international influencers proved to be a stumbling block.


Enter Bark, a pivotal partner in navigating this intricate landscape. Leveraging our expertise, we successfully pinpointed and engaged the ideal influencers who could amplify the brand’s message on a global scale. Through compelling and strategic communication, we presented the influencers with the unparalleled opportunity to partake in an extraordinary tour, encompassing all the major cities of Italy. The result was remarkable – six prominent influencers eagerly joined the expedition, leading to a prolific outpouring of content. A staggering 52 posts and 361 stories flooded social media channels, resonating with an extensive audience and achieving an impressive total reach of 26,622,741. This collaboration not only elevated the brand’s international visibility but also fostered a captivating narrative that left a lasting impression on millions worldwide.


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