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Over 3 months working with Vivienne Hu...


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Vivienne Hu had a unique challenge on their hands: showcase two distinct brands – their shoe line, VHNY, and their premium Hyaluronic Acid product – to a wide range of influencers in order to gain more visibility for both sides of the business. To achieve this, they decided to conduct a large-scale, gifted outreach campaign aimed at top-tier influencers who could represent their brand in the best possible light.


To make this happen, Bark employed a strategic approach by targeting influencers who were already promoting competitor brands in the same space as Vivienne Hu and VHNY. By tapping into this specific pool of influencers, Bark was able to target an existing group of high-quality influencers with diverse followings and exceptional engagement rates. The results were astounding with branded posts generating over 4,700 engagements and reaching a total estimated audience beyond 3 million, providing a major boost to both the Vivienne Hu and VHNY brands to a whole new audience.


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