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Wheels Media wanted to invite influencers in the drag car realm to partake in the immersive experience of Street Machine’s Drag Challenge – a riveting five-day celebration of drag racing and street cars. The aim was to amplify the resonance of this annual event across the social media landscape, resonating with both drag car owners and avid spectators alike.


Bark Social orchestrated a targeted outreach, engaging influencers whose audiences share a keen interest in drag cars. These influencers were cordially invited to the event, with the expectation to share their firsthand experiences in real-time. The result? A resounding 29 confirmed influencers graced the event, culminating in a staggering 232 stories and 17 posts that captured the essence of this dynamic five-day extravaganza. The collective impact? A potential outreach to a staggering audience of 2,906,449 enthusiasts!


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