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White Claw Hard Seltzer launched a new range into the UK market in mid 2020. This marked the brand’s first foray outside the North American market. Whilst a popular drink back in the US, seltzer was uncommon and not top of the go-to drinks list for UK audiences.

However, White Claw had confidence that their product was exactly what young, health-conscious, outgoing adults were after. The question that remained was how to build real awareness amongst their target audiences.


Bark stepped in to build a micro-influencer campaign to support the brand’s introduction to the UK market.

Waves of influencers were built up via a range of tactics including competitor analysis and interest-based targeting.

Content was created around the brand’s new flavours across Instagram primarily with supporting activity from bloggers and YouTube personalities. As part of the activity, strong content was shared across the brand’s own channels – this helped highlight how the drink was being tried and enjoyed by real people!


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