Brand Owned Relationships

We outreach to influencers directly through your own branded email and Instagram channels, so that we can build your brand it’s own network of influencers.

Brand Owned Relationships

We ensure that the connections we form with influencers belong to you, regardless of whether you choose to switch agencies or bring your influencer activities in-house. These valuable relationships then evolve into a powerful digital army, ready to support your future social media marketing campaigns and more.

To seamlessly facilitate this transition, we employ a strategic approach. We reach out to relevant influencers using an email address that you create for us, allowing for effective communication while maintaining confidentiality through a pseudonym. Additionally, we leverage your Instagram account to engage with influencers personally through Direct Messaging. By nurturing this sense of ownership and loyalty, influencers develop a strong relationship with your brand. They become integral members of your network and team, providing ongoing support, collaboration, and advocacy for your marketing efforts. With their dedicated involvement, you can confidently navigate the social media influencer landscape and achieve your business objectives.

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