Competitor Led Data

We work with data in our own unique way, sourcing information directly from your brand’s own competitor social accounts, to identify the most relevant influencers within your industry.

competitor led data

We employ a unique approach to identify the perfect influencers for your brand by leveraging your competitors. We thoroughly analyse your competitor’s social media data to gain insights into your existing and potentially new audiences and utilise this knowledge to scrape their followers and tagged lists, revealing influencers who align perfectly with your brand.

What sets us apart is that we don’t rely on an existing influencer database. Instead, we curate data exclusively for your brand, ensuring that every influencer we find and engage with is specifically tailored to your needs.

This establishes the opportunity of a more personalised relationship with influencers, allowing us to be extremely precise in targeting influential individuals to engage with and promote your brand. By leveraging this precise approach, we are able to uniquely optimise the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaigns.

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