Content Creation

After making sure you have the right strategy in place, it is important to start filling your site with well produced content. This can come in many forms, traditionally in written content, however there are a number of ways in which you can create content fit for your site including videos and podcasts. Having a way in which people can reach your brand through content is vital, which is why we will highlight the importance of content creation below.

Blog Content

Having written content on your site has been a mainstay for years and is still integral to how you interact with your users. It will still make up the bulk of your content as well written content across a number of pages on your site will only help keep users around your site for longer and will keep them coming back. There are different types of written content you can produce too, including guides, dependent on what you want to portray to your users about your brand. 

Creating an outline is a great place to start when first producing blog content to go up on your site regularly. It helps you plan out what the content will include as well as where you will be able to best optimise your content with SEO practices (keywords, H2/H3 tags etc). Blogs are a dependable way to get your SEO best practices in place on your site. Having internal links intertwined in your written content is a seamless way to keep your users on your site whilst still sending them to relevant pages. Having your keywords embedded in your content is also key to boosting your search rankings for that particular site and then in turn, your page in general.

Service Page Creation

Service pages are a perfect way to highlight what your brand offers and how users might be able to utilise these services. It is also a perfect way for people to reach your site from google.

The main target for your service page should be to be able to convey to possible new customers about what it is that you do and what you can offer them. Creating a service page is a crucial aspect of written content and content creation as this is used as an indication to users the services you provide, which is shown when searching on google. When searching for specific services on google, users will be better placed to find you if you have a number of service pages on your site, leading to more organic search results for your entire site.

Category Text Creation

Creating category texts for your site is beneficial when looking at SEO practices for your site. Usually a succinct description of the products listed on a given page, having a couple of short paragraphs describing these products and/or services that your brand offer is a perfect space for additional SEO practices such as more keywords, helping your search rankings even more. It is also an additional space to help keep users on your site by writing engaging content about these products. Adding additional internal links to these category texts gives you further space to include more avenues to other parts of your site whilst giving these users an opportunity to learn more about you and what you offer within your brand.


With written content creation being able to take a number of forms on your site, it gives you more opportunities to include SEO practices throughout your site. Having a number of spaces where you can include your internal links, more keywords and additional pages for users to have various opportunities to find your site is only going to help boost your search rankings and therefore going to help boost your trade as a business and for more people to find and learn more about your brand. Including images is another SEO practice that can help keep users on your site for longer, as having visual elements in all of your written content will inevitably keep users on your pages for longer.

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